Mariczka, a lovely, kind, and sensitive little girl, possesses a heart that resonates with the melodies of her songs and the delicate flutter of butterflies. Her spirit, unwavering and fierce, battles against the relentless grip of illness. Though she lies in a coma, her consciousness is woven with threads of love and support from across the globe.
At 2:30 PM EST each day, let us join hands in prayer for Mariczka’s healing. Our collective energy, like a gentle breeze, will carry our intentions to her bedside. And as we lift our hearts, let us also whisper blessings for the butterflies—the ethereal messengers that flutter between worlds.
Mariczka, may your dreams be filled with melodies and the vibrant hues of butterfly wings. May the universe conspire to weave a miracle, wrapping you in its tender embrace.

Marta Levchenko, the founder of the City of Goodness with Mariczka at the hospital 

Thank you to everyone who sent beautiful butterflies to the mask. We are sure that along with the butterflies, she received a lot of love from many places around the world.